Which style voiceover are you looking for?

You want to get a message across. This message can be packaged in different media types. Think of a radio commercial or an online animation. But which style voice-over suits your production best? Do you have a young target group and are you looking for a smooth, up-tempo voice-over? Or does your message have a serious topic and do you need to explain something clearly?

Whether you are looking for a smooth, warm or informative voice, Luminous voice can be used for the various styles. 

Click on the various demos below to hear how that sounds.

  • Smooth




Find more demos on the Portfolio page.

“What a beautiful voice you have! It fits well with what we are looking for. ”


Applicable for these productions

These styles can be used for the productions below:

  • Radio commercials
  • Radio jingles
  • TV commercials
  • (Online) Video productions
  • Corporate videos
  • (Online) animations
  • Instruction videos or animations
  • E-learnings

Request a free demo

Request a demo of 1 or 2 sentences below to see if I'm the right match for your project. You can judge whether my voice fits well with your commercial, radio jingle, animation, or video. Check the conditions.

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