A smooth voice, a warm voice, or an intriguing voice. Are you looking for a voice-over that conveys the right emotion with the right tone-of-voice? Then you've found the perfect place.

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The demo contains a few of my projects in the past 2 years (duration: +/- 2 minutes)

Choose a voice that suits your product

In order to convey the right emotion, it is important to choose a voice that suits your product. Are you looking for a smooth and warm voice over? I am Bianca van Essen and record your text with great enthusiasm and pleasure as the Radiant voice. Whether it's a radio commercial, video production or animation, I give every assignment the energy it deserves. I have a smooth and warm voice and suitable for various productions. Always clear and energetic.

Why choose Radiant voice?

With an accentless voice that sounds smooth, clear and warm, I can be used as a mulit-usable voice-over. I can work quickly from my own home studio but can also record on location with no problems (taking the RIVM Corona measurements into account). With the right cooperation, we will get your message delivered.

“You really did a great job! It sounds really very good, exactly what we had in mind. "

Latifah Osazee, A.S. Watson, Kruidvat
Choose radiating voice:
  • Smooth, clear and warm voice
  • Accentless
  • Work quickly from my own home studio
  • Flexible and directable
  • Demo on request with your texts
Vlotte voice over stem


Check my various demos on the Portfolio page.


If you are looking for a specific style or tone-of-voice, please check the Styles page. 

Feel free to get in touch for a short demo or introduction via the contact form.

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Request a demo of 1 or 2 sentences below to see if I'm the right match for your project. You can judge whether my voice fits well with your commercial, radio jingle, animation, or video. Check the conditions.

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