Do you intend to request a demo? Great! I am happy to record a short demo to show you how your text fits my voice! Read more about the conditions here.

Below the conditions explained

I will record a short demo for you (1 to 2 sentences). Does it not fit what you are looking for? Just as good friends. I don't charge you anything, but that also means you can't use the demo. I record 1 demo per applicant.
The demo is intended to help you determine if we are a good match, so I will not make corrections to demos that are not going to be an assignment.

Is it exactly what you are looking for? Beautiful! Then we have a match and hopefully we will have a pleasant cooperation. We can move forward and record the rest of the texts. As soon as the demo is approved to an assignment, my normal rates apply. Pricing page..

At a glance

Demos that become orders

  • Eén gratis demo per aanvrager
  • Demos are intended to assess your text in combination with my voice
  • Bij akkoord gelden mijn normale tarieven

Demos that do not become an assignment

  • Eén gratis demo per aanvrager
  • Demos that do not become assignments cannot be used.
  • Corrections are not made on demos that do not become orders.

Request a demo

Vraag middels onderstaande formulier een demo aan en ik spreek graag een korte tekst voor je in ter beoordeling.