Bianca van Essen and her voice

I like to work with my voice, nowadays I take singing and guitar lessons and have sung in various choirs in the past. A few years ago I took a voice acting course in Leiden. Working on my voice and recording voice overs gives me a lot of energy. Although I'am a native dutch speaker, I also record voice-overs in English (US). At the Portfolio > Radio page you will find a few demos in English.


Which tone-of-voice are you looking for for your production? Radiant voice can be used for the styles below. Click on the various demos to hear how that sounds.

  • Smooth
  • Convincing
  • Warm
  • Infromative
  • These styles can be used for the productions below:

    • Radio commercials
    • Radio jingles
    • TV commercials
    • (Online) Video productions
    • Corporate videos
    • (Online) animations
    • Instruction videos or animations
    • E-learnings
    • Voice Response